RGB or CMYK – What is the difference? When should you use them?

Have you ever wondered what the differences between RGB and CMYK are? When you should use each one and why?

Our 2 minute video below will explain exactly what each colour mode is and when to use them!

Don’t want to watch? Here are the basics:

  • RGB is what is called an additive colour model
  • RGB stands for RED, GREEN and BLUE.
  • RGB works by adding light to create the colours that you are seeing.
  • RGB should be used when you are creating graphics for viewing on computers, tablets, mobile phones, websites, or anything with a digital display.
  • CMYK is what is known as a subtractive colour model.
  • CMYK stands for CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW and KEY, which is BLACK.
  • CMYK works by subtracting light to create the colours you are seeing.
  • CMYK always starts with a light, or white base. For example, when printing fabrics, we always start with a white fabric and apply the CMYK inks on top.
  • CMYK should be used for printing media, such as paper, cards and fabrics.