Terms of Trade

ABN 36109735999 / Supersedes all previously issued terms


Pro Forma Invoice

  • Meaning goods are to be paid for prior to any commencement of work.

Minimum Order Value

  • Where the invoiced value of products ordered (excluding GST & Freight) is less than $200.00 the customer shall in conjunction with the price pay a $25.00 surcharge.
  • The surcharge amount may be reviewed / altered at a future date without notice.


  • All orders must be placed online via https://order.mereton.com.au
  • An invoice will be sent to you separately via email once the online order has been placed, payment must be made with-in 24 hours of order placement unless you have a trading credit account with us.
  • Any online orders that have not been paid for within a 4-week period are automatically deleted form the online portal and must be reordered if required.
  • Orders will be fulfilled as quickly as possible or where deadlines have been stipulated however, we only guarantee completion via EX Works, we are not responsible for any courier delays, and we will not accept liability for any loss incurred by you because of any delay or failure to supply.
  • We may decline to supply goods without notice where you are in breach of these Terms of Trade.
  • Multiple orders to you will be merged unless specifically requested otherwise.
  • Printed products are printed to the nearest pattern repeat/drop. I.E where you’ve ordered 6.5m and where the nearest pattern repeat is 6.8m Mereton will supply you 6.8m.


  • Mereton offer the flexibility of allowing its clients to print multiple designs on one fabric run to achieve the best price.
  • As a result of any faults, it must be calculated over the full quantity ordered and not based on per design/colourway run.
  • I.E. If ordering 20m which made up of 4 designs @ 5m each, where a fault might land on a 5m design is not deemed a replaceable fault of 5m. This is deemed an acceptable tolerance throughout the 20m roll.
  • Where you require specific drop lengths, this should be ordered as a yardage repeat print and not so a specific panel length, you must also order additional meterage to cover for any minor faults that might occur
  • Mereton can print to a specific panel length if absolutely required however where a fault might occur Mereton is not responsible to replace the entire panel length but rather apply a credit to compensate for the example of 5 or 10cm fault
  • An allowance of at least 3% for faults must be factored in when ordering.

Colour Matching

  • Mereton do not colour match to any screen colours, we only colour match to physical colour swatches
  • Although every effort is made to ensure colours correspond to those illustrated in the sample presentations, these are an indication of colour only and variations can occur between batches and/or deliveries.
  • All samples issued are supplied with a reference number on them which must be quoted at time of order to ensure consistency.
  • Fabric supplied for commission printing cannot be guaranteed and must be resampled.

Delivery and Acceptance of Goods

  • Any damage to goods must be advised to Mereton Textiles immediately via email with photographic proof.
  • If you subsequently find you have received faulty goods you should contact us regarding our return requirements.
  • All deliveries are labelled with Authority to Leave
  • If goods have been delayed or misplaced for any reason by the transport company, Mereton will replace any undelivered goods however before we can resend replacements goods a minimum period of 2-3 weeks from the initial expected delivery date must be allowed for the couriers to investigate.
  • If after 2-3 weeks Mereton have replaced your original order with a new shipment, if the original shipment has finally been delivered then you must contact Mereton immediately so that we can arrange a pickup for the original missing goods.


  • The price we charge will be our list price showcased online at the date we despatch the goods to you.
  • Up to date prices can be viewed here
  • Our prices exclude Goods and Services Tax. (GST)

Credit Policy

  • We may provide a credit account to customers depending on initial orders, trading, turnover history, and other criteria that we may consider appropriate from time to time.

Credit account (Applying for Commercial Credit Facilities)

  • Mereton requests that a customer trade on a cash sale basis for 3 cash sale trades totalling $5,000 within the current 6-month period to establish a trading history before an account application can be issued. Customers will be advised in writing the outcome of the account application as soon as possible.
  • If we decide to provide you a credit account, we will advise you in writing with the details of our acceptance.
  • We may vary those acceptance terms at any time considering your payment performance and any other criteria.
  • If you breach any of these Terms of Trade, we may suspend or otherwise vary supplies or credit to you without notice
  • You agree to notify us immediately if details in your application change including particularly anything that affects your ability to pay us when due.
  • Any change of ownership must be notified to us within 7 days whereupon we may vary, suspend, or terminate credit facilities.
  • Credit balances arising because of returns are not repayable in cash but can be applied against other credit purchases. They must be applied against credit purchases in the same month and not against aged amounts owing and or overdue.

Payment terms for credit account customers

  • You must pay in full for all goods invoiced within the terms advised in our letter of acceptance.
  • You can pay by direct deposit to our bank account, by cheque or credit card via Stripe, credit card payments will incur service fees from 2-3% depending on your country.
  • Payments should be accompanied by an advice of the invoices being paid.
  • You cannot deduct from your payment the value of goods returned until a credit note has been issued by us.
  • You must notify us in writing within 7 days of receiving our invoice if you dispute any aspect of the invoice otherwise you shall be deemed to have accepted it as correct and payable.

Overdue balances

  • If your account is not paid by the due date, we may suspend or cancel the supply of goods to you without notice
  • If we incur costs in enforcing or recovering debts owing by you then these costs shall be payable by you.
  • We may charge interest on overdue balances owing by you.

Retention of title and risk

  • Risk in the goods shall pass to you upon delivery and you shall insure the goods against loss and damage until you have paid us for them.
  • Title in goods supplied to you does not pass until you have paid us for these goods and all other goods sold by us to you.
  • Whilst any goods remain unpaid, we may enter your premises and retake possession of those goods.
  • The sales or insurance proceeds received by you from the sale of our goods shall be applied to pay us any outstanding amounts due in respect of those goods.

Commission Printing

  • When providing your own fabric, Mereton are only responsible for the printing i.e., that we printed the correct file as supplied by you.
  • We are not responsible for the fabric’s performance due to the fabric not being supplied by us and supplied via a third party.
  • Mereton cannot know how a foreign fabric supplied by the client will perform once printed.
  • If Mereton are commission printing to your supplied fabric, it is assumed that you have completely inspected the fabric prior to its arrival to Mereton Textiles warehouse and that it is PFP (Prepared for Printing) and has been heat set at 205 degrees in order to avoid thermal shock and shrinkages greater than 3%.
  • If the core of the roll supplied is broken or not rolled straight, then re-rolling charges will be applicable as Mereton will need to re-roll the fabric to bring it to a suitable state for printing. Re-Rolling is charged at an additional $1.00p/m.
  • The only errors Mereton will be responsible for when printing on your own supplied materials will be print errors such as banding (where there are obvious horizontal lines indicating the ink has dropped out during printing), incorrect colour (due to printing, not fabric), incorrect file printed to that which is listed on the order acknowledgement, head scuff marks (black scratch marks running horizontally across the print.
  • Mereton are not responsible for any fabric issues such as loose threads, fibre contamination, oil stains, holes, or ladders, etc.
  • Mereton is not a fabric storage warehouse. In the event you would like to have your fabric stored at our warehouse please ensure you have outside warehouse insurance over the fabrics.
  • If goods are left here the customer must keep a rough estimate of what is here.
  • Leaving fabric is at your own risk.


  • Mereton Textiles Pty Ltd will only accept the return of any goods by prior arrangements and under the following conditions:
  • Notification of faulty fabric has been advised to Mereton within 7 days from receipt of delivery.
  • The fabric has not been supplied in accordance with your written order.
  • The fabric has not been cut.
  • No claim for any refund, credit or non-payment of any invoice will be considered if the fabric has been cut.
  • Credits will only be issued after receipt of faulty goods at the Sydney Office.
  • No claim is accepted if colour variation falls below 1 (one) based on a colour spectrophotometer reading
  • No fabric length less than five (5) metres will be accepted for return.
  • All returns shall be made by the official carrier at the time (Phone office for details).

Limitations on Liability

  • In respect of any claims whatsoever, Mereton Textiles Pty Ltd shall not be liable for any claim greater than the invoiced value of the fabric or service supplied.

Sale of Business

  • You undertake to give us written notice within 7 days of the sale of part or all of your business.
  • If you sell your business, we will not accept returns or refund credit balances to you.
  • If you sell any goods that were purchased from us to a buyer of your business, those goods shall be bound by these Terms of Trade. In addition, all backlist titles shall be deemed to be firm sale and shall not be returnable for credit to the buyer.


  • These Terms of Trade shall be interpreted under the laws of NSW, Australia.


  • We and us, and Mereton refers to Mereton Textile Pty Ltd (ABN 36109735999)
  • You and Customer refers to Mereton’s customer
  • Goods means any product supplied by us

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