Sustainable and Eco Conscious Fabric Printing

Here at Mereton, we are proudly Australian owned and are strong supporters of local manufacturing. But that doesn’t make us perfect. We are always looking to adapt and better ourselves regarding ethical and sustainable textile manufacturing that is free from modern slavery and excessive wastage.

We’re proudly Ethical Clothing Australia Certified. We are committed to the environment and have always applied best practices for a more sustainable textiles industry.

It’s our vision that ethical textiles become a significant part of everyday life, not only enhancing people’s lives, but the environment we live in.

What does Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) accreditation mean to us?

We are proud to have Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) accreditation.

This certification means that we are committed to supporting the local Australian textile industry. We believe in transparency and ethical supply chains from design to dispatch.

Furthermore, this accreditation certifies that we value the people that make your products. We are committed to providing fair wages and good working conditions for all workers in our supply chain. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. As a result, we are proud to offer ECA-accredited products to our customers.

What does ECA accreditation mean for your fabric printing?

ECA accreditation is the gold standard for fabric printing in Australia. It means that you’re absolutely confident that at every stage of our supply chain, workers are being paid appropriately, receiving all the legal minimum entitlements and working in safe workplaces throughout the process. In short, it’s peace of mind that your fabrics are ethically made, sourced and printed.

And when you work with an ECA accredited printer such as ourselves, you can take comfort in knowing that we are contributing to a stronger, more ethical textiles industry.

We’re environmentally friendly

We Recycle 1

Recycled Papers

We recycle all our discarded production papers along with our office papers. Since we print to order there are no excess papers or fabrics left over.

We Recycle 1

Recycled Fabrics

We are always searching for & introducing new recycled fabrics.

We Recycle 1

Recycled Packaging

We package all our fabrics using recycled plastic.

Water Based Inks 1

Water Based Inks

Our incredibly vibrantly coloured inks are water based, which is a big plus for the environment as there is no washing or special water pits drains required after printing.

No Harsh Chemicals 1

No Harsh Chemicals

We don’t use any harsh chemicals or any chemicals whatsoever that are detrimental to the environment in any part of our processes!

No Pouring Down Drains 1

Responsible Disposal

We do not pour any discarded inks down any drains whatsoever, even though they are water based we dispose of our leftover inks accordingly.

Minimal Waste 1

Minimal Waste

Minimal fabric is discarded, and all of our samples are cut from any fabric leftovers we have. Additionally we have partnered with a company that recycles leftover fabric from laser cutting runs for just $2 per kilo.

Low CO2 Emissions 1

Reducing CO2

We are up to date with the latest machinery that uses less energy whilst increasing production.

We plan production to conserve as much energy as we can and maximise production output.

We use energy efficient lighting through our factory warehouse

We use electric forklifts, not gas & not petrol.