Custom Printed Vinyl

Custom printed, soft, leather-like matte vinyl

Achieve the luxurious leather look and print your favourite vibrant colours without the cost to the environment. Our Vegan Matte Vinyl is a durable fabric made to withstand daily use for years to come.

With the look and feel of soft textured leather, this abrasion-resistant Vinyl is ideal for everything from traditional homes to commercial fit outs, contemporary wall art, light upholstery and decorative cushion styles.

Benefits of our matte vinyl


Soft Look & Feel

Revealing the look and feel of soft textured leather, the Vegan Matte Vinyl has a rich and decadent touch that’s very popular among many crafters.


Abrasion Resistant

The Vegan Matte Vinyl is also extremely abrasion resistant with a Martindale rating of up to 15,000 and classified as Light Domestic.


Cruelty Free

All the benefits of leather without the cost to animals. Your fabric will look good while you feel good about its cruelty free and ethical impact.

Mereton Textiles Jungle Print on Vinyl Armchair