Commission Printing

Commission Printing allows you to bring your own bespoke textiles to life.

Commission printing allows us to print your own custom design on your own choice of fabrics. Our team of print experts partner with you to plan and carefully consider all available print and fabric options to create your desired printing results.

Our ample printing capabilities include printing onto Polyester, Natural Fibres, Wall Coverings, and Vinyls. Whatever your vision, our tailored and flexible solutions are here to accommodate all design and fabric requirements where possible.

Keep in mind…

While Commission Printing is your most adaptable option, there are still some parameters to be considered in order for us to ensure perfect end results.


No Nylons

We are unable to print on Nylons and Nylon blends.


Fabric Width

We print 5cm less than your supplied fabric width. For example, a 150 cm wide piece of fabric will only be printed to a width of 145 cm



Sheer materials require an additional $1 per metre for protective papers.

Commission Printed Cushions 3

We’ve had the pleasure of translating artworks, photos or designs for fashion designers, small businesses, homeware businesses, soft furnishing businesses, upholsterers, swimwear brands onto fabric, and we can’t wait to see what we can do for you.

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