Colour Matching

Colour match your printing to suit your project

We offer a custom colour matching service to bring an abundant world of colour to your next project.

Here at Mereton, we understand that sometimes colours leave an impression on us so deeply that their magic stays with us long after we’ve seen them. That’s why we take the importance of finding the right match to your colourspiration seriously.

We can Colour Match designs to Pantone colour codes, paint chips, fabric swatches, and nearly anything else! Our quality production processes allow the integrity of colours to remain true each time you order again.

We can match most colours

Colour Matching is undertaken prior to production – we provide you with a 30 x 30cm fabric swatch for your approval before we take your order to final print.


Pantone (PMS) Matching

We can match to Pantone colours, just provide us the Pantone reference number.


Swatch Matching

We can match to other provided swatches of fabric or chips of paint.


Screen Matching

Every digital screen presents colours uniquely, so we recommend selecting a colour from our colour blanket, or providing us with a physical swatch or colour code.

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