RGB or CMYK – What is the difference? When should you use them?

Have you ever wondered what the differences between RGB and CMYK are? When you should use each one and why?

Our 2 minute video below will explain exactly what each colour mode is and when to use them!

Don’t want to watch? Here are the basics:

RGB is what is called an additive colour model

  1. RGB stands for RED, GREEN and BLUE.
  2. RGB works by adding light to create the colours that you are seeing.
  3. RGB should be used when you are creating graphics for viewing on computers, tablets, mobile phones, websites, or anything with a digital display.

CMYK is what is known as a subtractive colour model.

  1. CMYK stands for CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW and KEY, which is BLACK.
  2. CMYK works by subtracting light to create the colours you are seeing.
  3. CMYK always starts with a light, or white base. For example, when printing fabrics, we always start with a white fabric and apply the CMYK inks on top.
  4. CMYK should be used for printing media, such as paper, cards and fabrics.