Zircon® Zara 2.0


Building on the elegant texture of our Zara 2.0 fabric, Zircon Zara introduces an advanced performance properties to the fabric. The detailed, multi-dimensional look will enhance any upholstery, offering texture and subtle class. Zircon Zara is a statement of timeless elegance paired with unique fabric technology, ideal for an upholstery that’s as practical as it is luxurious.

Fabric Details

Fabric Width Fabric Width
Printable Width Printable Width
Weight Weight
Fire Retardant Fire Retardant
NFPA-260 , NFPA-701 , CAL TB -117
Abrasions Abrasions
50,000 Martindale
Water Repellant Water Repellent
Composition Composition
100% Polyester
Perfect For Perfect For
Commercial Upholstery


Martindale (AS2001.2.25-2006.12KPA)
Colourfastness to Washing (ISO 105-C06:2010 BIS)
Not washable
Colourfastness to Dry Cleaning (ISO 105-D01:1993)
Colourfastness to Rubbing (ISO 105-X12:2001)
Colourfastness to Light Xenon (ISO 105/B02, BLUE STD 6)

Zircon® Upholstery Fabric

Created to solve the special criteria for upholstery in Healthcare and Hospitality, Zircon will provide seating comfort and peace of mind for Residents, Carers and Visitors alike, especially in those areas of Assisted Care where the management of incontinence is paramount. The Hospitality Industry will benefit from the use of Zircon on furniture, providing a practical and economic solution to high spillage and heavy usage areas in Accommodation, Leisure and Entertainment venues.

  • All Zircon® Upholstery Fabrics are:
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Anti Microbial
  • Anti Fungal
  • Water Repellant
  • Fire Retardant

Our Zircon fabrics are perfect for use as upholstery in high traffic, high spillage areas such as restaurants, pubs, hospitals, waiting rooms, aged care facilities and hotels.

Care Instructions

  • Please do not allow stains or spills to spread or be forced into the fabric.
  • This product is not intended for outdoor applications.
  • Do not wash by hand or machine, nor place in a dryer.
  • Whilst most spills can easily be removed from Zircon®, the quicker you respond to take care of any problems, the easier it will be to achieve better cleaning results.
  • Blot off excess spills with paper towel.
  • Do not use solvent based cleaning products.
  • Using a clean sponge, wash face of fabric with plain water or mild soap solution.
  • Powdered Enzyme detergent mixed with water is the preferred product.
  • Customary upholstery shampoo, water-based cleaning products and mild germicidal detergents may also be used.
  • For stubborn stains a liquid such as radiant, mixed with water, may be applied in a gentle manner, using a soft brush in a vertical fashion. Do not scrub.
  • Please make certain that cleaning products are completely rinsed off the Fabric as failure to do so may cause a loss of repellent properties

Nb: avoid using bleach, which can fade colours, pine oil cleaners or other harsh chemicals as they will eventually harm the product. If bleach must be used, please make sure that it is in a solution of at least 3 parts water to 1-part bleach. Please Ensure that it is completely removed. Do not use any products that contain highly Toxic tetrachloride. We recommend that you do not use any cleaning agent without first testing in a hidden place.

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