Onyx is a small scale design, inspired by maze puzzles and designed to look like a jacquard texture from distance.

Pattern Repeat

Vertical pattern repeat Vertical Repeat
Horizontal pattern repeat Horizontal Repeat


Onyx Wisteria 1 Wisteria
Onyx Truffle 1 Truffle
Onyx Sunset 1 Sunset
Onyx Stained Glass 1 Stained Glass
Onyx Splash 1 Splash
Onyx Seacrest 1 Seacrest
Onyx Rouge 1 Rouge
Onyx Plum 1 Plum
Onyx Orion 1 Orion
Onyx Mustard Mustard
Onyx Midnight 1 Midnight
Onyx Mauve 1 Mauve
Onyx Laigon 1 Laigon
Onyx Grass 1 Grass
Onyx Goldess 1 Goldess
Onyx Dymo 1 Dymo
Onyx Cool Water 1 Cool Water
Onyx Conch 1 Conch
Onyx Calsa 1 Calsa
Onyx Burlie 1 Burlie
Onyx Bottle Green 1 Bottle Green
Onyx Blush 1 Blush
Onyx Apple 1 Apple

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