Davenport is an ultra modern design, featuring geometric shaped leaves in a diamond arrangement with vibrant, fresh colour tones.

Pattern Repeat

Vertical pattern repeat Vertical Repeat
Horizontal pattern repeat Horizontal Repeat


Davenport Avery Avery
Davenport Woods Woods
Davenport Turquoise Turquoise
Davenport Summer Flow Summer Flow
Davenport Sion Sion
Davenport Silence Silence
Davenport Kaiser Kaiser
Davenport Infinity Infinity
Davenport Icon Icon
Davenport Hollier Hollier
Davenport Gene Gene
Davenport Fields Fields
Davenport Discovery Discovery
Davenport Cruise Cruise
Davenport Chromatic Chromatic
Davenport Burnt Umber Burnt Umber
Davenport Bamboo Bamboo

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