A conservative floral design, Contempo features transparent and opaque floral and leaf motifs.

Pattern Repeat

Vertical pattern repeat Vertical Repeat
Horizontal pattern repeat Horizontal Repeat


Contempo Warmth Warmth
Contempo Sunshine Sunshine
Contempo Sunflower Sunflower
Contempo Rustic 2 Rustic
Contempo Paola Paola
Contempo Orang Orange
Contempo Mousse Mousse
Contempo Moss 2 Moss
Contempo Mandarin Mandarin
Contempo Lilac Lilac
Contempo Khaki Khaki
Contempo Jarna Jarna
Contempo Hurghada Hurghada
Contempo Grass 2 Grass
Contempo Flare Flare
Contempo Fields Fields
Contempo Eggplant 2 Eggplant
Contempo Clay 2 Clay
Contempo Calypso Calypso
Contempo Botanica Botanica
Contempo Army Army
Contempo Adella Adella

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