The 4 Types of Pattern Repeats

Ah, repeats! Choosing a repeat style for a design can be tricky as there are so many factors to consider. Does it look right? Is it too repetitive? Is the scale too large? Does it look forced? The questions never end in the quest for the perfect design. Now, lets get to what the 4 […]

RGB or CMYK – What is the difference? When should you use them?

Have you ever wondered what the differences between RGB and CMYK are? When you should use each one and why? Our 2 minute video below will explain exactly what each colour mode is and when to use them! Don’t want to watch? Here are the basics: RGB is what is called an additive colour model […]

See how we print samples using the sublimation printing method (video)

Sampling is a service we offer here at Mereton so that you can see exactly how any design or file will look once printed to your selected fabric. We encourage sampling prior to ordering bulk runs of fabric as often what you are seeing on your computer screen can look different once it is printed […]

How To Setup Cushion Placements For Printing

A common question we get asked here is: how do I setup a file to print placement cushions? The answer is quite simple really, and can be shown in just 4 steps. There are a many benefits to printing placement cushions with the main two being that you ensure every cushion is printed identically. Placement […]