Top 5 aesthetic wallpaper trends coming to 2022: our predictions

From back to nature (hello plant prints) to wildly 3D panoramic mural wallpapers, these are the 2022 trends coming to an interior near you. The top 5 aesthetic wallpaper trends we predict for 2022: Maximalism Return to Nature Panoramic Murals Timeless Opulence Trompe l’oeil 1. Maximalism The minimalist aesthetic is so last year! Although the […]

5 Interior Design Trends Coming in 2019

There are quite a few new interior design trends coming in 2019, with one very exciting part – they are all quite varied from each other, yet can all be used in beautiful harmony. You can find our top 5 interior design trend predictions for 2019 below: 1. Matte black is everything Matte black is […]

Floral Interiors – Bold and Impacting

On this years season of House Rules, one of the final challenges was a charity challenge where the contestants renovated 3 individual apartments and the common areas of Bezzina House. One of the couples boldly chose a large scale floral wallpaper to adorn their zone, the main dining room. The end result was quite impactful and got me thinking about the use […]

Fashion to Furnishings

Fashion and furnishings; two words so similar that not only do they alliterate, they share a multitude of dynamics, yet they have never really crossed over their major kinship: sharing the same trends at the same times. With with continually changing colour palettes, combinations, scales, shapes, patterns and forms it was inevitable that there would be a cross […]

New Collection: Brushstrokes

With our recent discovery of the brush stroke trend, we fell in love! We fell so far in love we decided to launch an entire collection surrounding the concept. Our inspiration began with the idea of a singular brushstroke, the first thing to hit the canvas when an artist begins to paint. This singular brushstroke […]

5 HOT Colour Palettes to Steal!

Colour, colour everywhere! With so many colours everywhere, how do we know which ones to use and when? Sometimes I sit down at the computer and it all just clicks, the colours I choose just happen to fall into place and sit side by side so perfectly it needs no second thought. Other times I […]

Vinyl & Leather in Commercial Spaces

With the release of our new Vinyl range: Memphis, I thought to create this gallery post full of images of beautiful commercial spaces featuring vinyl and leather accents. Vinyl is one of the easiest upholstery materials to clean, which makes it ideal for use in areas where speed and efficiency are strongly desired. Team easy cleaning […]