A walk through our facilities (Video)

At Mereton HQ we have a 4 major areas where our time is spent: the digital room, the sample room, the press area and our beloved lunch room, where we gossip and make all the coffee! This video is a sneak peek into our digital room, on a day where majority of the machines were […]

See how we print samples using the sublimation printing method (video)

Sampling is a service we offer here at Mereton so that you can see exactly how any design or file will look once printed to your selected fabric. We encourage sampling prior to ordering bulk runs of fabric as often what you are seeing on your computer screen can look different once it is printed […]

Polyester vs Cotton – Infographic

Here at Mereton we print to polyester fabrics, so we naturally have a love for the extremely durable and versatile product! That’s not to say we don’t love cotton too, however it is often misunderstood as to which fabric is actually friendlier to the environment. Many believe that cotton is an environmentally friendly and sustainable product due […]

Sublimation Printing vs Screen Printing

To have found this blog post, then no doubt you are aware of the two major printing method types used today: sublimation printing, and screen printing. Both are very commonly used methods that provide very different printing results and both are equally interesting in intricacy of their science and execution. Below is a detailed summary […]

Fabric Care Instructions

Click here to download the Woven care instructions   Click here to download the Elastomeric care instructions   Click here to download the Zircon care instructions

Wood Block Printing – History of Printing Series – Part 1

Printing has been in my family since 2004; when I was just 13 years old my parents came bounding home with the exciting news that they are taking over a company called Mereton Textiles. The company focuses specifically on sublimation printing and I quickly found ways to print absolutely everything, starting with a home economics […]

Printing Lingo

Have you ever stepped foot inside your printers offices and heard them talking at their usual fast pace about a bunch of things you’ve never heard of before? Well, never fear. Here is a list of some commonly used terms in our world of print. There are hundreds more, but this is a good start. […]


Since the beginning of printing anything, there has been a lingering question: CMYK or RGB? Which colour space should I use? To reach an answer on which one to use, we first must understand each colour space and what they are designed to do. This post will help you to understand how CMYK and RGB work, […]

Happy Holidays from Mereton Textiles

Wow, 2016 has flown by! Here we are on our last working day of the year, finishing sample requests and printing the last few production runs. It feels like the older you get, the faster the years get. Or does time feel like its passing so quickly because we are having too much fun? Either way, […]