Our printing as seen on The Voice AU

Have you been following this season of The Voice Australia? We sure have! That’s why we were beyond excited when we were contacted to print these beautiful, custom designs for The Voice contestants Elsa Clement and Madi K. These custom looks were designed by The Voice and then printed right here in our factory in Penrith. How […]

Fashion to Furnishings

Fashion and furnishings; two words so similar that not only do they alliterate, they share a multitude of dynamics, yet they have never really crossed over their major kinship: sharing the same trends at the same times. With with continually changing colour palettes, combinations, scales, shapes, patterns and forms it was inevitable that there would be a cross […]

5 HOT Colour Palettes to Steal!

Colour, colour everywhere! With so many colours everywhere, how do we know which ones to use and when? Sometimes I sit down at the computer and it all just clicks, the colours I choose just happen to fall into place and sit side by side so perfectly it needs no second thought. Other times I […]