Fashion to Furnishings

Fashion and furnishings; two words so similar that not only do they alliterate, they share a multitude of dynamics, yet they have never really crossed over their major kinship: sharing the same trends at the same times. With with continually changing colour palettes, combinations, scales, shapes, patterns and forms it was inevitable that there would be a cross […]

Polyester vs Cotton – Infographic

Here at Mereton we print to polyester fabrics, so we naturally have a love for the extremely durable and versatile product! That’s not to say we don’t love cotton too, however it is often misunderstood as to which fabric is actually friendlier to the environment. Many believe that cotton is an environmentally friendly and sustainable product due […]

Bringing The Elements Collection Together

It all started with an extended conversation over the phone, one minute you’re talking about new fabric textures and the next you’re discussing where the business can go next. If you’ve ever spoken to any of us here at Mereton, you know we are always ready for a yarn, especially when its something that excites […]

Sublimation Printing vs Screen Printing

To have found this blog post, then no doubt you are aware of the two major printing method types used today: sublimation printing, and screen printing. Both are very commonly used methods that provide very different printing results and both are equally interesting in intricacy of their science and execution. Below is a detailed summary […]

Vinyl & Leather in Commercial Spaces

With the release of our new Vinyl range: Memphis, I thought to create this gallery post full of images of beautiful commercial spaces featuring vinyl and leather accents. Vinyl is one of the easiest upholstery materials to clean, which makes it ideal for use in areas where speed and efficiency are strongly desired. Team easy cleaning […]