Ceramic art
to textile design

A new print collection created from Jules Hunt's ceramic art



Mereton Textiles X Jules Hunt

The Collaboration

Mereton Textiles are proud to introduce the new visually stunning Elements range by acclaimed multi-medium artist Jules Hunt.

Taking inspiration from nature, Jules creates vibrant geometric patterns created initially in three dimensional ceramic forms that are then transposed to Mereton’s textiles.
Transposing the dimensional ceramic forms to the Elements textile range was a natural progression from Jules’ existing series of large-scale canvas wall art, printed by Mereton over the years.

“I see the Elements range as the birth of a new and imaginative direction for my art. I wanted to create a range of textiles that would capture the dimension, colour and vibrancy of my original artworks and at the same time capture the fine detail.

Designing the range has involved careful selection of scale, tone and patterning while at the same time ensuring each design transposes onto the full range of high quality textiles for commercial and residential applications.

This is such an exciting partnership with Mereton. I love that they are Australian owned, Australian made and a family run company. Working in partnership, it’s amazing what we can create together now and into the future.”

How it is created

The Artwork

With a  studio gallery in Byron Bay, Australila, Jules Hunt has exhibited throughout Australia and has works in collections internationally. Her signature ceramic creations are inspired by her love of colour, nature and geometry, all intertwined.

Each unique design she sketches onto the clay form then delicately applies the black outlines using slip, a mix of clay and glaze, all freehand and a very fine process.

The work is then fired followed by precisely in-glazing up to three coats of glaze in each individual shape. In the final firing the colours come to life with the whole process taking weeks to months resulting in her stunning works recognisable as ‘Jules Hunt’ artworks.