New Collection: Brushstrokes

With our recent discovery of the brush stroke trend, we fell in love! We fell so far in love we decided to launch an entire collection surrounding the concept.

Our inspiration began with the idea of a singular brushstroke, the first thing to hit the canvas when an artist begins to paint. This singular brushstroke is the first element, the raw and exciting beginning of the artwork yet to come.

The beauty and simplicity of that painted brush stroke has become the catalyst for this entire collection.

The 18 designs in this collection have been created using a multitude of brush stroke techniques in varying ways. Each design is a reinterpretation incorporating modern marks and textures, teamed with deep and rich hues.

This combination brings the painted brush stroke look into 2017, where it can be used to bring a light and artistic touch to commercial spaces.

View the Brushstroke Collection now

And for some extra inspiration, check out our Brushstroke Pinterest board