See how we print samples using the sublimation printing method (video)

Sampling is a service we offer here at Mereton so that you can see exactly how any design or file will look once printed to your selected fabric.

We encourage sampling prior to ordering bulk runs of fabric as often what you are seeing on your computer screen can look different once it is printed to a fabric. Why, you ask? There are many reasons for this, with the most prominent being that computer screens display colour in RGB format, which is a digital colourspace.

Even if you select for your file to be in CMYK format, the screen remains as an RGB digital display so what you are seeing on screen versus what prints out using true CMYK inks can still vary.

Another reason is that not all base fabrics are the same colour white. Some fabrics are optical white, some are natural white, some are slightly ivory and others can be grey or cream, which can all affect the final colour tone. In addition, printing to reflective fabrics can provide more ‘colour punch’ and printing to microfibre or suede fabrics can sometimes give a more subdued appearance.

It is also good practice to sample before printing bulk so that you can hold the sample up to other fabrics or other parts of your application to ensure it will really work as imagined.


Watch the video below to see how our sample process works

The steps

  • We begin by selecting a design file to print.
  • We then check all details are correct in our printing software before clicking print.
  • The design then prints onto sublimation papers.
  • Once the papers have finished printing, we then take them over to the heat press.
  • We place a pre-cut piece of fabric down on the press, and place the printed paper face-down on top.
  • We then close the press and let the heat transfer process begin.
  • After the allocated amount of time is up, the press pops up automatically and reveals the fabric that is now permanently printed with the design!