How to print on fabric in 4 so-simple steps

There’s nothing quite like the buzz of seeing your ideas come to life from digital designs to tangible colours and textures on your fave fabrics. It’s a bit like holding your newborn baby… okay, maybe slightly different.

The beauty of print design is that there are no limitations to what you can experiment with. With technology as a tool, we can now take fashion to heights. Many of our big-named international designers continue to use innovative materials, technologies, and techniques to push the boundaries of fashion, creating unique and thought-provoking designs.

So, whether you’re a top-notch designer or a creative just starting out, printing on fabric is one way to open up a world of possibilities to showcase your unique fashion style and vision.

And, because we don’t gatekeep around these parts, we’ve decided to create a running list of the four simple steps to turn your digital design into fabulously printed fabric.

You’re welcome!

  1. Find a fabric here
  2. Choose a design here, or source your own, or create your own.
  3. Place a sample request on our Order Hub.
  4. Get hyped when Aus Post tells you that ‘your package is on its way’!

Step 1: So, how do you get from start to sample?

If you’re keen to start a brand new fashion venture, channel your inner Alexander McQueen, Iris van Herpen, Riccardo Tisci, or Hussein Chalayan. Get those creative juices flowing and hone in on the specifics of your project.

Ask yourself, do you want to launch a new swimwear range, a new maxi dress brand, or even a line of bespoke cushions? Because let’s face it, you don’t want to find yourself knee-deep in cushion designs when your heart’s set on making waves as a bikini designer.

Consider seasonal needs—cozy warmth for winter threads and breezy fabrics for summer styles. Factor in requirements like water-repellent fabrics and the environment your designs will inhabit. Make sure to capture all the vibes, functions, and styles because it’s all going to help you to find that perfect fabric match.

Step 2: Prep your artwork

Got design skills? Well you’re already a step ahead! Just make sure to follow our artwork guidelines for file preparation.


If designing just isn’t your thing, no to worry. You can explore our range of print designs here, which are FREE to use on any of our fabrics. Otherwise, you can always head to websites like Patternbank for ready-made designs, or collaborate with a textile designer for something truly custom. 

Step 3: Sample it out

Now for the fun part, bringing your design to life!

Upload your file to a service like Dropbox or WeTransfer, then head over to our Order Hub to request a sample of your chosen fabric. We’ll print a 30×30 sample and send it your way as soon as possible.

Samples printed onto our 100% Linen Nashville Fabric

Step 4: See it in real life!

Once your sample arrives, it’s time to get a good idea of whether you’ll go ahead with the printed design and fabric. Keep in mind things like texture, and how colours play in different lights and most importantly, make sure it aligns with your vision. You want to be proud of what you’re putting out into the world!

Depending on how sure you are of the result, from here, you can further refine your artwork, scale, colours or fabric choice with further sampling until its 100% right, or if you got it first go then you can go straight into bulk printing!

You can use the Order Hub here to order your production meterage.

From ideation to holding your final product in your hands, every step is a fun, creative part of the collaborative journey you’ll have with Mereton Textiles. 

We’re here to be your trusty guides through it all, making sure your vision comes to life exactly as you imagined it.

So, are you excited to get going in the world of fabric printing?

We’re just as excited as you are to see where your creativity takes us. 

Get in touch with our expert team today!