How to choose the right fabric for your custom-made curtains

Choosing a fabric for your custom-made curtain project can feel overwhelming—there are so many options! Where do you start?

First, consider the space. What kind of vibe are you going for? Maybe you have an art deco-themed interior where plush velvet would perfectly complement the luxurious, old-world atmosphere. Or perhaps you have a Federation home with original hardwood floors and want to bring in a touch of warmth with texture and natural fibers. Each space offers something different, as does each fabric type.

Let’s explore some great examples of different interiors and how curtains can shape and enhance each room.

Spaces That Need Blockout Options

Sometimes, a room is wonderfully sun-filled, except when it’s time to rest—we want darkness. This is where blockout curtains come in to drastically reduce the amount of light that filters in. Here are a few types of blockout curtains you can use:

  1. 95% block (triple weave fabric): This fabric sandwiches three layers of yarn together with black in the middle to create a nice thick blackout effect. Our Dimmer fabric is a 95% block fabric.
  2. Curtains with an acrylic backing: This allows you to have any kind of front fabric paired with the acrylic backing and still achieve your desired blockout darkness.
  3. Sheer or semi-sheer curtains paired with a blockout blind.

Delta Chair Kyoto Curtains

Spaces That Want a Soft, Natural Feel

For a soft, natural feel, add texture and natural fibres such as linen or cotton curtains. Delicate fabrics that are semi-sheer are also a great option.

Our natural fabric curtain options

Tiana Unprinted
Mussi Unprinted

Sheer Options

Sheer curtains add mood and change the lighting of a space, offering a small amount of privacy while keeping lots of light in.

Our sheer fabric options

Chicago Voile Fabric
Chicago Voile
Mussi Unprinted

Luxe, Opulent Options

For a more luxe feeling in your space, opt for heavier curtains or curtains with a high sheen. This adds drama and depth to rooms.

Our opulent fabric options

Snowstone Velvet 2
Stretch Velvet
Zara Fabric Mereton Textiles

At Mereton Textiles, we offer a wide variety of fabric options that can be custom printed and coloured to perfectly match your décor style.

Whether you’re looking for the ideal blockout fabric, a soft natural feel, sheer elegance, or a luxurious touch, we have something for every need. Explore our custom colouring service to achieve the perfect match for your home and bring your design vision to life with unparalleled quality and style.

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