Fashion to Furnishings

Fashion and furnishings; two words so similar that not only do they alliterate, they share a multitude of dynamics, yet they have never really crossed over their major kinship: sharing the same trends at the same times.

With with continually changing colour palettes, combinations, scales, shapes, patterns and forms it was inevitable that there would be a cross over between the two – and it’s here now.

In recent years we have seen a subtle shift in design on both fronts, gradually closing the gap between fashion and furnishing trends.

In 2015 we saw a trend toward interiors being styled and designed around the trending colours in fashion at the time:

Now we are seeing a larger connection, with the pattern gap gradually closing too.

There is a strong trend forming toward styling homes just as fashionably as you style yourself, expressing your true personality on all fronts.

What do you think of this emerging new trend?

Fashion to Furnishings Floral Trend

Fashion to Furnishings Plaid Trend

Fashion to Furnishings Mandala Trend

Fashion to Furnishings Tribal Boho Trend

Here are some more amazing images to gawk at:

WGSN Fashion to Furnishings

WGSN Fashion to Furnishings

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