Environmental Impact

At Mereton we are always thinking about our environmental footprint and aim to be as friendly to the environment as we possibly can be.

We recycle all our discarded production papers along with our office papers. Since we print to order there are no excess papers or fabrics left over.

Our incredibly vibrantly coloured inks are water based, which is a big plus for the environment as there is no washing or special water pits drains required after printing.

We don’t use any harsh chemicals or any chemicals whatsoever that are detrimental to the environment in any part of our processes!

We do not pour any discarded inks down any drains whatsoever, even though they are water based we dispose of our leftover inks accordingly.

We use electric forklifts, not gas & not petrol.

We are always searching for & introducing new recycled fabrics.

Minimal fabric is discarded, all samples are cut from our fabric leftovers.

We package all our fabrics using recycled plastic.

We are up to date with the latest machinery that uses less energy whilst increasing production.

We plan production to conserve as much energy as we can and maximise production output.

We use energy efficient lighting through our factory warehouse