Want to custom print on canvas? You’ve come to the right printer

If you’re looking for a local and trusted company in Sydney, who can print on canvas, then you’re in the exact right place.

We’ve been printing on canvas fabrics for over 20+ years, helping our customers to create beautiful and unique additions to all sorts of pieces, from their walls to their wardrobes.

We have two types of canvas here at Mereton to suit a range of uses: our traditional Canvas is mostly used for printing artworks, tote bags and cushion covers. Then there is our Canvas Prime material which is water repellent and is mostly used for cushion covers and light upholstery such as ottomans or chairs.

Our canvas printing services (right here in Sydney) open up a world of possibilities. What will you make?

Why Canvas?

Canvas is an ideal fabric for printing due to its unique blend of durability and aesthetic appeal. This sturdy material provides a perfect canvas (pun intended!) for vivid, long-lasting prints, making it a popular choice for a variety of projects.

Transforming Spaces with Custom Canvas Artworks

Imagine a print on canvas that perfectly captures your personal style and enhances your space. Custom canvas artworks are just that – a reflection of your taste and a statement piece for your home or office. From vibrant abstracts to serene landscapes, your own holiday snaps or something to inspire you, we can help you create a canvas print that speaks to you and deliver you a top quality print that you can then hand off to your local framer.

Mereton Textiles Custom Colour Match to This Artwork Sml

Everyday elegance with canvas cushions and tote bags

Canvas cushions and tote bags offer a perfect blend of utility and style. These everyday items become extraordinary when imprinted with bespoke designs and with canvas, you’ll have built in durability for years.

Canvas upholstery – redefining furniture

Is your favourite piece of furniture looking a little tired? Or perhaps you’ve found something beautiful and unique, and you want to bring it back to life. New canvas upholstery can breathe life into your beloved pieces. Durable, stylish, and customisable, canvas upholstery can help transform your furniture into a work of art. We can deliver any length of custom printed canvas that your upholsterer needs to get your beloved furniture looking its best again.

Water repellent canvas printing for business

For businesses looking to make a lasting impression, printing on our water-repellent Canvas Prime offers a unique and practical solution. This specialised canvas combines the visual appeal of traditional canvas printing with advanced water-repellent properties, making it ideal for use in areas where there might be high spillage, such as in a hotel lobby or hospitality venue.

Mereton Textiles Canvas Fabric Custom Printed in Vivid Colours
Canvas Fabric Custom Printed in Vivid Colours

Why choose Mereton for your canvas printing needs?

We’ve been doing this for over 20 years and here, you’re not just getting a canvas print; you’re getting a piece of art crafted with care and passion.

Custom canvas printing offers a world of possibilities, and at Mereton, we’re here to help you explore them all. From stunning artworks to unique upholstery and accessories, our canvas printing services are tailored to meet your creative needs.

Ready to transform your ideas into reality? Contact us today!