About Us

We are textile sublimation printers and wholesalers, based in Sydney Australia.

Our Company

Here at Mereton we pride ourselves in our adaptability and continue to grow and change with the markets needs. Aside from our traditional business of printing for the healthcare and hospitality industry, our growth has earned us the reputation of being the largest sublimation printer of elastomeric fabrics.

Our commitment to providing high-quality printed fabrics to meet our customers’ needs has earned us many supporters.

Our range of fabrics is ever growing, as we are always looking for more variety, high quality, high performance fabrics for every application.

With rows and rows of servers, and digital technology means that the designs we offer will never discontinue ensuring that you will be able to re-order the same design for many years to come.

We have an in-house design team who are continually upgrading, re-colouring and creating new designs to ensure that our customers’ needs are always taken care of.

We are a vertical operation in that we Design, Print & Heat transfer all in-house so quality & service are always met to our standards. All our designs are produced, printed and pressed in our factory located in Penrith proudly making them 100% Australian printed.


Mereton was founded over 25 years ago, and has grown onto becoming a reputable company known in the textile industry for printed commercial fabrics specialising in healthcare and hospitality and elastomeric fabrics.

Mereton changed ownership in 2004 and was purchased by the current owners, Joe & Bindi Aliano.