5 On-Trend Colour Palettes To Be Inspired By

Colour, colour everywhere! With so many colours everywhere, how do we know which ones to use and when?

Sometimes I sit down at the computer and it all just clicks, the colours I choose just happen to fall into place and sit side by side so perfectly it needs no second thought.

Other times I sit down and stare at the screen and nothing comes to me.

If you’re stuck in one of those times, then this guide is for you! Below are 5 of the hottest colour palettes you can incrporate into your design projects now!


CHROMA, from Dulux (Click here to view)

This stunning colour palette features rich hues paired next to even richer hues, combating the dullness typically seen in interiors over the last few years.

Rid yourself of white on white, pastels, pale timbers and soft greys and introduce yourself to a world of rich colour density.

COLOUR TRENDS 2017, from Benjamin Moore (Click here to view)

This colour palette features pale and soft shades, emulating comfort and composure. The lighter shades can all pair together for a gently crafted scheme, or you can throw in a splash of the deeper hues to give a strong contrast.

ENTWINE, from Dulux (Click here to view)

Dulux make the list again with their Entwine colour palette; reminiscent of Tuscan abodes, this palette features soft colours in deep density.

The yellows featured in the palette carry tones of warm orange through them, with terracotta pairings and deep mossy green compliments.

The palette screams home away from home, in complete and utter colour heaven.


TOP 10, from Pantone (Click here to view)

Pantone have released their top 10 colour predictions for Fall 2017. Every season the team at Pantone attend New York Fashion week to closely assess the colours used throughout designers collections, then compile their Top 10 colours for the upcoming season.

These colours lean more to the warm side with a few key standouts to contrast. Striking and bold, these colours are the hot picks by Pantone, whom are usually right on the money with their colours!

PSYCHOTROPICAL, from WGSN (Click here to view Pinterest results)

WGSN are a leading forecaster for all things interiors, fashion, colours, textures, you name it.

One of their key forecasts for 2017/18 is the Psychotropical trend, which contains an out-there colour palette featuring fusions of colours and prints you would usually tie together.

Bright, neon purples and pinks sit alongside deep forest greens and electric blues. Check out the Pinterest results to get a closer understanding of this incredulous palette!