2024 Wallpaper Trends: Botanicals, Wood, Textures and Wallpaper on the Ceiling

In 2024, wallpaper is truly having its moment.

This year we’re seeing the return of materials and styles that speak to both tradition and modernity.

One of our favourite trends is wallpaper on the ceiling. Adorned ceilings feels like feature of a time gone by – we so seldom see this in houses now (unless you were lucky enough to nab a 100 year old house!).

Botanical prints and large jungle murals are bringing the serenity of nature indoors, while deep hues and a (surprising!) return of brown and sepia tones add depth and warmth to rooms.

Top wallpaper trends for 2024:

  1. Natural materials like wood, cladding and brick
  2. Wallpaper on the ceiling
  3. Botanicals and jungle prints
  4. The return of brown and sepia tones
  5. Wallpapered crevices
  6. Textured wallpapers

Natural materials like wood, cladding and brick

These wallpapers offer incredibly realistic, high-quality prints that mimic natural materials such as wood, concrete, render, cladding and brick. They create a warm, inviting atmosphere, and caters to those who love the look and feel of natural elements but seek a practical and cost-effective solution to incorporate them into their interior design.

Render Silver Wallpaper
Render Silver on Smooth Wallpaper
Geoma Wood Wallpaper
Geoma on Smooth Wallpaper

Wallpaper on the ceiling

Wallpaper on a ceiling?! I know, who would have thought!

This modern twist reimagines classic designs from a time gone by, bringing bold and daring wallpaper choices to the often-overlooked fifth wall of a room. It’s a creative way to add a dramatic and unexpected element to interior design, transforming ceilings into a canvas for artistic expression. This trend is perfect for those looking to infuse a sense of grandeur and uniqueness into their living spaces.

Wallpaper on the ceiling
Image from Amy Storm & Company
Image from Melanie Jade Design

Botanical and Jungle prints

The botanical and jungle print trend is taking a playful and whimsical turn, with designs featuring charming animal elements like flamingos, monkeys and tigers. These prints bring a lively and refreshing energy to any space, blending the beauty of natural flora with a touch of the exotic. It’s perfect for those looking to add a vibrant and joyful touch to their home décor, infusing spaces with a cool, nature-inspired vibe that’s both stylish and fun.

Viva La Palma Wallpaper V2
Viva La Palma on Smooth Wallpaper
Indra Wallpaper
Indra Silver on Smooth Wallpaper

The return of brown and sepia tones

We’re seeing a shift towards warmth and comfort in interior design this year; a preference for rich, earthy tones, embodying a sense of grounding and sophistication. These colours, including various shades of brown, provide a cosy, enveloping atmosphere in living spaces.

Scandi Neutral Wallpaper
Scandi Natural on Smooth Wallpaper

Wallpapered crevices

This trend sees wallpaper being places in smaller crevices and joinery. Prints sit playfully inside bookshelves, behind kitchen splashbacks and inside panels and frames instead of spanning entire walls.

Panelled Green Floral Wallpaper
Elloise Jade on Linen Look Wallpaper

Textured wallpapers

The trend of textured wallpapers in 2024 brings an exciting tactile dimension to interior design. These wallpapers are not just visually appealing but also engage the sense of touch, adding a new layer of depth to room aesthetics.

Vivia La Palma on Wallpaper Roll
Vivia La Palma on Linen Look Wallpaper

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